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Our Logo and Motto

In 2018, St Joseph’s Catholic School Board undertook a process to review the existing logo as part of the Annual School Improvement Plan. As a school that is continuing to improve the contemporary learning services on offer to our families, our logo should acknowledge our past, recontextualise our Catholic identity, and take us into the future.

At the same time, a rewording of the school motto ‘Know, Love, Serve’ was initiated. The combination of ‘Know’ and ‘Love’ is often mistaken for ‘No Love’. The word ‘know’ can also be interpreted that everything is already known, taking away from our purpose to facilitate learning - about God, one another and our world. In response, our motto changed to ‘Love, Learn, Serve’. 

Love - Love from, of and with God and one another

Learn - Learn about God, one another and our world

Serve - Serve God, one another and our community in the footsteps of Jesus and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

The following key themes best described our St Joseph’s Catholic School community, elements that informed the new design process:

  • Spirituality
  • Love
  • Educational quality and inclusivity
  • Community
  • Welcoming

The new logo concept is embedded within a heart, representing the love of God, for one another and for learning. The heart also links with the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, our founding religious order.

The Indigenous element of the logo was designed for our St Joseph’s community by Kalkadoon artist Sheree Blackley, the watermarked Indigenous image represents families that are connected to larger communities. The lines of connection illustrate the bond of life, love and country. 

The Cross, formed by the two halves of the heart coming together in the centre, links us to St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and our Catholic identity. 

The pages of the book represent our commitment to quality and inclusive Catholic education for all. The colours capture our four sports houses - Nolan (Maroon), Morgan (Orange), MacKillop (Yellow) and Ryan (Green). These houses acknowledge individuals who have had a profound role in the history of our school. The colours also connect the logo with the mineral rich landscape of Mount Isa.

The inclusion of the Chi Rho (☧) provides an historical link between the early logo of San Jose, our current logo and the modern education service the school provides. This symbol is comprised of the first two letters (PX) of the Greek word meaning ‘Christos’, one of the earliest symbols for Christ. Its inclusion puts Christ as the focal point of our school. 

The Southern Cross refers to our location and the work of the Josephite Sisters in Australia, under the Southern Cross. It also represents knowledge, to which education provides the key. It is located in the upper left quadrant of the logo, in reference to our location in North West Queensland. 


Principal: Miss Jo Lynch 

50-64 Twenty-Third Avenue
Mount Isa Qld 4825

P: (07) 4743 4303

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