World Teachers Day

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 30 October, a day that we acknowledge the professionalism, dedication and expertise of those responsible for educating our students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. 

As many parents know instinctively, the impact individual teachers have on a child’s education can be great. Teachers are central to learning and, while there are other important factors, including the quality of the curriculum, school environment and student ability and commitment, it is teachers that breathe life into what is being taught and who engage and motivate students.

As a Catholic school we recognise that parents are their children’s first teachers, during the course of primary and secondary school it is often individual teachers that enliven education and cause students to identify what is most exciting and rewarding.

Each one of us, if asked, could most likely name one or two special teachers that made what was being studied engaging, lively and relevant and who sparked an interest and passion for learning that was life changing.

Teachers in Catholic schools, given their faith-based nature and commitment to the Church’s teachings, are especially important. Teaching is a vocation, a calling from God, not just a ‘job’.  I encourage you to take the time to personally thank your child’s teacher on World Teachers Day.


I heard a story once where a father said to his son “you owe me, because I brought you into this world so if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be here.”

The son said, “with all due respect dad, you owe me, for those very reasons. You brought me into this world, you had a choice - I didn’t. That means you owe me. You have to feed me, clothe me, shelter me, protect me and educate me.”

As parents we do all of that to the best of our ability.

When it comes to teaching we do our best, mainly by steering our children away from the mistakes we made.

But the majority of that responsibility is handed to you – the teachers of St Josephs.

When people ask us what is the most important thing in the world we invariably answer, our family. As adults we can protect ourselves and use our collected knowledge and experience to make decisions.

Our children, our most treasured and prized possession we hand over to you, willingly (and some days gladly). Because we know you will protect them, comfort them, discipline then and educate them as if they were your own.

You develop a relationship with them built on trust and respect and many cases become their role model and mentor. This relationship sees the advice you provide accepted without question while the same advice issued by us is discarded.

For a very short time I worked with a carpenter putting up house frames. I loved it, I wasn’t very good at it but I loved it.

Because when you arrived you had a bare concrete pad but when you left you had built a house. And if you had done it properly it will stand for a hundred years, providing shelter and protection for generations. You can drive by and admire it and acknowledge to yourself; “I played a part in that.”

Well we deliver our children to you and you build their frame. How solid that foundation you build plays a huge part in the type of person they grow into.

Like building those frames you can’t see it while you’re working on it. Its only when you step away that you can see what you have built.

Well you may not be able to see what you are creating because you are involved but as parents we see the finished products that walk out at the end of their time here.

And that is why we hand our children over to you.

All the while thanking God for bringing you to our school.


James Coghlan - School Board Chair
A reflection from a parent about St Joseph's teachers on World Teacher's Day


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