St Joseph's Guide to Behaviour Management

"Self - discipline is the aim and purpose of disciplinary practices. Discipline should be firm, just, consistent and impartial. Discipline is based on encouraging self respect, respect for others and respect for property."

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School makes explicit its expectations in its adoption of the "Five C's"  The Five C's, Courtesy, Co-operation, Common Sense, Care, and Consideration, underpin our expectations and form the basis of talking to our students about their behaviour. 

Students who do not follow the "Five C's" by making negative behaviour choices will be encouraged to modify their behaviour and will be reminded that consequences apply for failing to meet our most basic requirements.  Students who make positive choices will be affirmed by the staff and school.  Our goal is not simply to stop irresponsible behaviour, but to enable our students to learn to behave responsibly. 

I encourage you to become familiar with our Behaviour Management Booklet and to discuss it with your children.  Having a common understanding of the ways in which Behaviour Management happens at St Joseph's will enable the school and families to consistently support students in their journey to becoming their best selves.

In monitoring children's behaviour with the classroom teachers, the Leadership Team may at times need to exercise discretion where extenuating circumstances adversely affect a child's behavioural responses. 


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