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Sportsperson of the Year

The Sportsperson of the Year award is presented to a student selected from Years 4 to 6 who has excelled in school-based sports throughout the year, including school, district and regional representations. They have consistently displayed an exceptional sporting attitude and this award recognises their achievements in sport and dedication.

St Joseph's Performing Arts Award

This award is given to a Year 6 Student who has been involved in, and is performing well in a range of cultural and co-curricular activities.

Rotary Club Mount Isa West Bursaries

This is an encouragement award given to two Year 6 students who, over the year, have set goals and worked hard to achieve them.

San Jose Bursury

This bursury was initiatied by the P&F body of San Jose Girls Secondary School which was on the grounds we are now situated. It is awarded to a Year 6 student who has enrolled at Good Shepherd Catholic College and who has displayed qualities such as: Respect for teachers, consideration and kindness for fellow students, and hard work to attain good academic grades. 

Mount Isa Mines Service Awards

In the spirit of Mary MacKillop, the founder of the Josephite sisters, these awards are presented to four Year 6 students who have initiated and provided service willingly to all members of the school community.

Five C's Award

This is a perpetual trophy donated by the Valentine family in 1998.  The Five C's - Care, Consideration, Courtesy, Co-operation and Common Sense, form the basis of St. Joseph's approach to discipline and behaviour standards.  This award is given to a student selected from Years Prep to Year 6 who consistently displays the Five C's.

The Margaret Calway Scripture Prize

Originally made available by Dr and Mrs Gregory this award has been re-named the Margaret Calway Scripture Award to honour Mrs Calway's valuable contribution to our school community. This prize is awarded to a Year 6 student who: has demonstrated sound Catholic values, has a good knowledge of the Scriptures and is seen as genuinely trying to live a Christian life.

Julian Tenison Woods 'Love of Learning' Medallions

Titled the Julian Tenison Woods 'Love of Learning' medal, these awards recognise the achievement of two students in each class from Prep to Year 6. Together with St Mary MacKillop, Fr Julian Tenison Woods, founded the Sisters of St. Joseph's, dedicated to the Catholic education of children, particularly in remote locations.  Julian Tenison Woods was a great scholar and demonstrated a love of learning throughout his life.  Students receiving these awards must:

  • display a consistent effort in school work
  • display a positive attitude
  • have regular attendance at school
  • demonstrate respectful behaviour
AICC Indigenous Cultural Award

This award is presented to two Indigenous students (P-3 and 4-6) who demonstrate respect for their indigenous culture, responsibility in their work and behaviour, and relate well with others.

St Joseph's All Round Award

The St Joseph’s All Round Award is given to a Year 6 student who has displayed leadership and initiative, attained good academic standards, and performed well in a range of sporting activities. It is an “all round” award given to a student who performs well across a range of school involvements.


Donated by the ZONTA Club of Mount Isa, this award recognises the achievements of a young lady in Yr 6. The recipient must have shown strong leadership skills and a determination to do the very best they can in all areas of her schooling.