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Volunteer Induction for Parents & Carers

Volunteer Induction for Parents & Carers

If you are unable to complete the face-to-face volunteer package please complete the online modules below. Completing these modules will introduce you to Catholic Education in North Queensland and your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer.

The module will take approximately twenty minutes to complete. Following the completion of these modules you will receive a certificate of completion via email, which you are required to forward to the school’s business manager (

Instructions to Use

  • Click on the Module link
  • Click on the Pop-Out Icon in the top right-hand corner of the presentation
  • Click on Open with Google Slides
  • Click on  Present



Volunteers will be required to achieve 6/6 on the quiz and will receive a Certificate of Completion via email within 24-48 hours. Volunteers should forward this email to our school's business manager (

Parents/Volunteer Code of Conduct

View Parents/Volunteer Code of Conduct