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ICT is an integral part of teaching and learning at St Joseph's. We endeavour to give each child the opportunity to develop appropriate skills, to prepare them for a society where ICT is present in every facet of life.

1:1 Chromebook Program Years 2 to 6

St Joseph’s Catholic School is a community striving to serve the needs of students in an authentic way. One of the School’s key learning and teaching principles is to utilise innovative pedagogical practices that effectively integrate technology. The 1:1 Chromebook program gives practical expression to this principle.

We aim to be a technology rich school integrating technology into the curriculum to enhance learning. Students in Years 2 to 6 are supplied with a Chromebook for their use at school. In 1:1 learning, each student has access to a wireless Chromebook to use at school, enabling communication and collaboration among peers and teachers and connecting parents to their child’s learning through the Google Chrome suite. The 1:1 Chromebook program enables students to experience growth in many areas — self-confidence, organisation, motivation to learn and learning in a range of modalities.

Chromebooks Year 1

Each Year 1 classroom is allocated 15 Chromebooks (minimum ratio of 1:2) and a mobile storage and charging trolley. 

iPads in Prep

A set of 30 iPads is allocated to Prep. 

Interactive Learning Environments

All learning spaces are equipped with interactive touch panels to support and enhance learning and teaching. 

ICT Agreements

All students are required to complete an annual ICT Agreement to ensure continued access to ICTs in the school environment.