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School Board

School Board

Our School Board works to ensure St Joseph's Catholic School remains true to our mission, our purpose and our core values, through policy development.

The role of our School Board is to provide broad, comprehensive governance of the school. They do this by setting long-term, strategic directions for the school, reviewing key policies for school usage, approving the school budget and providing invaluable support to the principal in administration, policy issues and management of educational change.

The School Board is a key expression of the importance of partnerships, and in particular parent participation, within the school community.

The Board is comprised of School staff, Parish Priest, teachers, parents and other community members.

Current School Board members:
  • Fr Mick Lowcock (Parish Priest)
  • Fr Emene Kelemete (Associate Priest)
  • Josephine Desailly (Principal)
  • Nicole Henderson/ Tenielle Blanco(APRE)
  • Jason Ranie (Chair)
  • Amy Webb
  • Monica Joseph 
  • Lisa McCulloch (Secretary & APPL)
  • Martin Carland
  • Marissa Sherry
  • Istvan Torok (Finance Representative)
  • Karlia Ryan (Staff Representative)
  • Danny Ballard 

The Board meets each month.

Finance Committee

The School Finance Committee meets quarterly or as required to assist the Principal in decision making processes related to finance.

The role of the School Finance Committee is to:

  • Provide feedback on school's capital expenditure priorities.
  • Be a consultative committee for the school administration.
  • Provide feedback to the School Board.
  • Provide input to the School Improvement Plan (SIP)

The school Finance Team membership is:

  • Principal
  • School Finance Manager
  • Member of staff
  • Members of school community with suitable knowledge and skill set.

For any questions in relation to our Finance Committee please speak with the Principal.