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Passionate and professional, our teachers are dedicated to delivering an exceptional and holistic educational experience for their students.

Catholic Education teachers are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being life-long learners and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.

2022 Staff List

Leadership Team


Miss Jo Lynch


Mrs Nicole Henderson

Administration Staff

Finance Secretary

Mrs Lyn Osman

School Secretary

Mrs Taryn Dredge

School Secretary/Uniform Shop

Mrs Jacinta Sheehan

Teaching Staff

Prep Gold

Prep Green

Prep Co-Teacher

Miss Laura Hood

Miss Caitlin Thompson

Mrs Rachael Musgrove

Year 1 Gold

Year 1 Green

Miss Rachael Hobbs

Miss Tahlia Bird

Year 2 Gold

Year 2 Green

Miss Tanisha Bird

Miss Karlia Ryan

Year 3 Gold

Year 3 Green

Miss Karena Davis

Mrs Codie Kemp

Year 4 Gold

Year 4 Green

Miss Samantha Bruin

Miss Emily McGuire

Year 5 Gold

Year 5 Green

Miss Melissa Morshead

Miss Deeandra Martyr

Year 6 Gold

Mrs Kim Higgs

Specialist Teachers


Mrs Kara Munro
Music/Drama/Visual Art/Choirs Mrs Katrina Woodfield
LOTE (Italian) Mrs Nicole Henderson
Library Mrs Mellissa Stretton
Leader of Learning and Inclusion

Mrs Rebecca English (P - 2)

Miss Lisa McCulloch (3-6)


Student Services

Guidance Counsellor - Mrs Rebecca Greaves

Speech Pathologist - Miss Grace Reid

Occupational Therapist - Mrs Jennifer O'Neill

Early Career Teacher Mentor

Instrumental Music Ms Catherine Motteram, Mrs Jan Montgomery
Indigenous Support Teacher Miss Emma Morgan
School Officers

Assisting Student Learning


Mrs Helen Brebner, Mrs Sandy Foschi, Mrs Tegan McCurley, Miss Jessica Booth, Mrs Sharyn Te Wani, Mrs Kristy Field, Mrs Katrina Carrington, Miss Cass Moulton, Mrs Meena Unni, Mrs Sarah Chiauzzi, Mrs Nicole Piltz, Mrs Katrina Harris, Mrs Kerry Bowler, Mrs Cathy Bimrose, Mrs Leanne Munns





Class arrangements

In 2022, St Joseph’s has 13 class groupings from Prep to Year 6 as follows:
Prep Green Prep Gold
1 Green 1 Gold
2 Green 2 Gold
3 Green 3 Gold
4 Green 4 Gold
5 Green 5 Gold
- 6 Gold

Please be aware decisions regarding class sizes and staffing are made in consultation with the Townsville Catholic Education Office (TCEO) and are determined by TCEO guidelines and budget allocations.